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Koh Tarutao:
the largest island is the marine park is situated about half way on the pakbara koh lipe ferry line. accommodation and camping is available from the national park authority. several hikes can be done on this 11 x 26 kilometer island including a walk along a 12 km road build by prisoners that connects the 2 main bays and several trails to secluded beaches with the option to camp. info and a map are available at the national park headquarters, near the pier.

Koh Adang:
adang can be visited for a day trip from koh lipe (just 20 minutes across the lipe - adang channel), but bungalows and camping is available from the national park authority.3 hikes depart from the ranger station and national park bungalows

probably koh lipe's most picturesque site, popular with both snorkelers and divers. beautiful soft coral cover a pinnacle underneath the surface to about 16 meters. there is a cleaning station here, so you never know who you're going to see.

Koh Hin Ngam:
small island located near koh lipe in satun province (approximately 20 minutes from koh lipe by long tail boat). this island is unique from all islands in thailand sea as there is no white sand beach in this island but all part of koh hin ngan covering with shinning black oval stone. according to the myth, it has been told that koh hin ngam is settled by the god of tarutao and if you stole the oval black stone from this island, you will be caused by the god of tarutao.

Koh Sawang:
this is a great dive with great visibility. good chance on seeing something big from deep waters nearby. there is a huge black rock covered with soft coral that. provides a fairytale backdrop. you can cruise around a few pinnacles and there is a very interesting shallow reef.

Honey Island:
beautiful scenery above and below the water: near a few stunning beaches you can dive along the island, which is surrounded by a deep channel. surreal rock formations and weird looking corals house a lot of cowries.

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